What It Means to Your Business:

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  • One Touch View of all device types on a single screen
  • Reduction of labor and resources with automated process flows
  • Improved efficiencies via automation of process such as adds, changes, suspends, deletion of accounts based on the status of the accounts
  • Centralized account database with pertinent data plans, etc
  • Flexible API structure for quick and easy connectivity to other solutions such as BSS and Mapping
  • Single Sign-on/Zero Trust security
  • Active monitoring of system applications through graphic visualizations
  • Proactive alerting and centralized logging

How Does It Work?

Triad6 is built on Open API standards and utilizes low code, no code development, creating a powerful engine to quickly add new technology interfaces and integrations securely, eliminating long deployment times or costly implementations.

Benefits include:

Unmatched Security: The pressure to keep sensitive customer data secure will only increase.

Infinite Scalability: Your ability to add new services, network devices and subscribers now has no limits. Triad6 utilizes a microservices architecture; containerizing services for faster deployments. This also ensures ease of upgrades and maintenance.

Superior Stability. Triad6 includes fault tolerance through a distributed architecture that keeps your operations fail safe.

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