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Municipal Broadband Solutions You Can Trust

With dozens of muni and utility broadband deployments under our belts, ETI Software simplifies your roll-out

ETI Software has partnered with municipalities and utility companies for years as the need for community broadband has sky-rocketed. ETI's broadband automated provisioning platform makes service activation as simple as clicking a few buttons. With modules that are already integrated with your current billing system, you can save money and speed up deployment time.

For example, in 2004, community leaders in Wilson, North Carolina, realized the economic importance of high-speed broadband and advanced telecommunication services. Their journey to build, operate and grow the network illustrates how teaming up with the right partners can make all the difference.

Today, Greenlight Communications is thriving and enjoys a superior reputation for customer service and efficiency. Operating costs have dropped, churn reduced and all departments are proactively managed and monetized.

Download the case study today to find out how ETI's solutions can help you quickly launch and manage your fiber network. You can also watch it in action via the video below!

Download the Case Study