The Process, Pitfalls And Partnership Opportunities For The Smart City


  • What are the main opportunities for cities, operators and the wider telecom ecosystem in working together to deliver smarter cities?
  • What are the challenges to making this a reality? Technology, culture or cold, hard cash?
  • What do cities need from smart partners such as telco operators that they’re not getting?
  • How successful have partnerships been so far? What can be learned from this for the future?

“One of the challenges is the breathtaking pace of the technological evolution.” 

- Will Aycock, General Manager, Greenlight



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Smart cities offer a huge opportunity for service providers to tap new revenue streams at an opportune time, just as traditional voice-based revenues are in precipitous decline. The promise of smart cities includes leveraging technology and data to create an ecosystem that enables better city services, better education and healthcare opportunities, improved public safety, and a better overall quality of life for all constituents.

But what role do service providers play in the smart city movement? Join Telecompetitor, ETI and Will Aycock, GM of Greenlight Communications in Wilson, NC, a progressive leader in smart cities development, for an informative webinar on this important topic. We’ll outline the process, pitfalls and partnership opportunities of smart city development among traditional service providers and emerging muni fiber networks.




Bernie Arnason



Will Aycock

General Manager