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Do Back-End Solutions Control Business Outcomes?

Exploring Churn and ARPU’s Inverse Relationship with Operations

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 2.31.59 PMETI Software knows that service providers are under pressure to increase ARPU – Amount of Revenue per User. It is no mystery that, for telecom service providers, diversifying service offerings to allow for more revenue touch-points with subscribers is the quickest way to increase the average Amount of Revenue Per User (ARPU).

The more services a telecom service provider has, the more opportunity there is to sell individual services, right?  And ever since the phrase “triple-play” was introduced into the SP marketing vernacular, the industry has been experimenting with different service tiers and bundling campaigns to find the magic combination that appeals to consumers the most.  

What affects these business outcomes, churn and ARPU, the most? Back-end operations. If you don't believe it, just download the e-book today to find out why.