Show Me the Money: Broadband Funding Best Practices

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  • Selling the Goal Means Sharing Your Vision
  • Previous Planning Gives You an Edge
  • Grab your Partner for the Digital Dance
  • Broadband and Telehealth is a Winning Combo
  • Funding Beyond the "Usual Suspects"


“At some point, your proposal is going to sit in front of a tired, blurry-eyed federal employee who has more proposals with the same technology, similar engineering designs and the same goal as yours, but this person may only be able to fund one that day. All other things being equal, the ability of your opening sentence to grip the imagination and stir the heartbeat of the reader plays a big role in raising your proposal above all others." -  Craig Settles, Broadband Analyst

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One of the most important documents broadband network planners must create is the proposal for federal grant funding. Your proposal can be the key that unlocks millions of dollars, the financial means for your community to create something that hasn’t been experienced before.

This document helps you design a foundation that enables your community to create something great. It gives you valuable tips and recommendations, plus the benefit other communities’ experiences.

ETI Software and Transcending Healthcare are proud to present this report, authored by broadband industry expert Craig Settles. Download by filling out the form on the right.