Best Practices for OSS in FTTX Deployments



Learn How To

  • Employ a FTTX Operational Readiness Assessment
  • Evaluate revenue & new services as it relates to customer satisfaction
  • Explore the benefits of integration vs silos of information
The overarching need for departments to share critical, real-time data company-wide can be met through the integration of disparate systems.



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At first glance, finance, equipment and build-out requirements for a greenfield deployment seem to overshadow operational needs. With the benefit of experience, another perspective emerges: the importance of the OSS surfaces as the need for critical information to drive sales, market services, turn up new services and restore lost services.

Keeping existing customers is as vital to a provider (perhaps more so) than winning new customers. Planning for the life cycle management is explored in this e-book with a focus on seeing the benefits of operational and business support systems that are integrated across applications used by all departments.

Download the e-book today to find a technical overview that shows why integrated BSS, OSS and network systems lead to higher productivity, better response times and increased consumer satisfaction.