Real-Time Device Monitoring & Management

Beamfly helps WISPs:

  • Increase Subscriber Satisfaction with real time, automated corrective workflows and speed incident awareness and resolution
  • Control operational costs by remote troubleshooting of devices, upgrades, device counts and outage identification
  • Visualize all subscriber data at once using a GeoSpatial Monitoring Dashboard allowing you to see all relevant data and connectivity analysis

“We needed a flexible but powerful platform that was feature-rich and could scale quickly and securely. ETI Software’s expertise was matched by their responsiveness to our needs. We were thrilled with ETI’s delivery of a great solution.”

Casper Faust,
WISP Field Operations Manager

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Fig. 1-1 Device Monitoring Dashboard
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Introducing ETI’s Beamfly platform for real-time remote management of CPEs: automating the deployment and support of data, voice and video services across the service life cycle. From centralized remote provisioning, inventory management, monitoring, event triggering, and support automation.

Beamfly’s geospatial dashboard, built on Esri’s leading ArcGIS platform, is a cloud-based dashboard extension that helps ISP customers visually identify and resolve issues quickly, and proactively, ahead of customer satisfaction thresholds. The geospatial dashboard allows WISPs to monitor performance patterns and trends and to analyze historic metrics of the ‘In Home’ devices, regardless of the technology and vendor. Visualize data for subscribers, devices, services and location in real-time… to correct service problems and provision devices immediately, without escalation … resulting in a superior customer experience and reduced truck rolls.

Main Benefits

Increased Subscriber Satisfaction

  • Real-time, automated corrective workflows
  • Proactive & predictive service assurance
  • Speed incident awareness and resolution

Control Operational Costs

  • Remote troubleshooting of devices & issues
  • Reduced Truck Rolls and Field Service Expense
  • Remote upgrades, device count and outage identification

GeoSpatial Monitor Dashboard - “Single Pane of Glass”

  • Visualize Location, Device, Subscriber data all AT ONCE
  • Drill down quickly to all relevant data
  • Historic time-series, connectivity analysis

Fig. 1-1 Beamfly’s dashboard tracks the quality of the signal to the device and is achieved with a coverage area "halo" showing the subscriber devices in the coverage area. A list of the devices in the network with a worst to best ranking is shown so that the service provider can consistently monitor the lower performing devices in the network.

Fig. 1-2 Device Monitoring Dashboard
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Fig. 1-2 Beamfly’s geospatial dashboard is monitoring wireless internet broadband device alarms, connection speed, power levels, signal quality .... all in real-time. Mapping metrics are customizable to capture individual KPIs and search bars can search by device ID, by subscriber, by time series and other attributes.

Beamfly’s Geospatial Dashboard consists of 4 main components:

  • ETI’s Auto-Configuration Server (fully TR-069 compliant)
  • GeoSpatial Dashboard with Location Based Insights
  • Event Triggering and Real-Time Analysis
  • Historical Device/Network Data Gathering for Trend Analysis

Key Features:

  • Multi-server deployment
  • Load balanced solution
  • Failover, fault-tolerance
  • High availability
  • Zero-touch provisioning and management
  • Advanced user management and access level configuration
  • Real-time device diagnostics to rapidly resolve customer queries
  • Firmware management to enable your customers to access the services they want when they want them

“ETI gave me my weekends back.”

Casper Faust,
WISP Field Operations Manager